Bioinformatics & statistics consulting

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With the ever-expanding possibilities in Next Generation Sequencing and high-throughput Array technology, the correct analysis and integration of biological data is increasingly becoming a hurdle in Life Science research.

Our expertise in pipeline development and automatization, data integration and structural biology allow us to provide bioinformatics services of the highest standards.

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The abundance of biological data demands – from a scientific as well as a regulatory perspective – for increased efforts in statistical analysis and data validation.

We provide end-to- end support with challenges in experimental design, mathematic modelling and independent data cross validation by leveraging our expertise in molecular biology and computational statistics.

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Machine Learning

The development of computer assisted analysis techniques have been pivotal instruments in the breakthroughs of modern life science research, and keep evolving at an ever faster pace.

Our experts operate at the interface of Biology and Information Technology, and leverage this know-how in domains of algorithm development, data mining, pattern recognition, image analysis, (un)supervised learning, neural networks, deep learning and many more.

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Genomics is the study of genes and chromosomes. Genomic studies have a wide range of purposes for example determining the structure of protein encoded.

Single Cell & Transcriptomics

Transcriptomics is connecting the genome to gene function. Where genomes show what could happen, transcriptomics can tell what appears to be happening.


Metabolomics is the study of substrates and products in the cell, known as metabolites, which are influenced by both genetic and environmental factors.


With proteomics, BISc global offers a deeper understanding of biological consequences due to genomic processes uncovering the real targets.


Metagenomics is the study of microbial communities in environmental samples, such as stool, sewage, soil, etc. It is being applied both in pharma/biotech and the agro-industry


Discovering the right epigenetic state often pre-defines pharmacological use and efficacy. So it’s best to know this upfront via fast, reliable and cost saving bio-informatic approaches.

Machine Learning

Find hidden patterns in existing data, public repositories combined with your R&D data using statistical, machine learning models.


An extraordinary project? Please let us know as we like to use our creative mindset next to our logic and coding skills.

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