Frequently asked questions about our bioinformatics services

Our collaborative approach. To provide answers that matter, we leverage the combination of our client's strengths and molecular domain knowledge with our bioinformatics domain knowledge and biological grounding, propelled by compute environment excellence.

Our flexibility. To make the collaboration as easy as possible, we adjust to your needs and preferences regarding the collaboration format, computing environment, communication channels and more. 

Our professionalism. During your project, we not only focus on technical expertise but also on clear and regular communication, proper planning and execution. The combination of our consultants’ hard and soft skills ensures the best possible collaboration and experience for our customers.

Most of the state-of-the-art bioinformatics projects require a combination of knowledge and a skill set that a single bioinformatician can rarely provide straight off. Our team consists of experts in various biological domains and computational approaches, collectively covering all aspects of even the most demanding and complex bioinformatics projects. When you work with us, our complete internal expertise pool is at your disposal.

By working with BISC Global's team of consultants (full-time employees) you are guaranteed to have a long-lasting and stable collaboration, which is often lacking when working with a freelance bioinformatician.

We are passionate about research and we keep up to date with the newest developments in the field. At the same time, we understand that time is critical for our customers. With our internal knowledge sharing and business-minded project management, we make sure to deliver scientifically sound results on time and within the allocated budget.

Visit our case studies to see some of our previous projects. In the domains  you will find moreover an overview of all our services and computational approaches.

Very likely, yes. Our team consists of 30+ consultants with various backgrounds and expertise, covering the complete range of "omics", diverse applications, and data analysis tools in bioinformatics, statistics and machine learning / artificial intelligence. Thanks to their scientific background, combined with creativity and strong teamwork, our consultants have a proven track record of successfully tackling projects both within as well as outside of their area of expertise. Contact us to learn how we can help in your unique challenge.

We are not tied to particular tools, software or platforms. If solutions that fit your project goals are readily available, we will make sure to use them - there is no need to reinvent the wheel and add unnecessary costs to your project. If no required solutions exist, our experts will custom-build them for you.

It depends on your facilities and preferences. If you don't have your own computing environment, we will make use of our safe cloud environment and computers. In case you prefer us to work within your internal environment and with your internal tools and systems, we will adapt our work accordingly.

We work with our customers in two formats:

Time-based | best option if you are in the exploratory phase of your research or need someone to strengthen your team for a set period of time 

We will discuss, plan and agree with you on the amount of time that our specialist(s) will work for you. Since we will not limit our service to a specific project, you will have the flexibility to extend your initial request with additional data and more questions to look into.

Project-based | best option if you want to run a pilot project first before switching to the time-based option or if you have clearly defined project and deliverables, for example, building a pipeline or a software tool.

We will discuss and agree with you on a specific scope of a project. Next, we will create a work plan, set up deliverables and propose a timeline. If additional projects emerge from the initial project, we will arrange with you separate contracts.

To guarantee the agile and efficient progress of your project, we will set up a call with you at least once a week, but most of the time we will be in touch on a daily basis. In this way, we will keep you up to date with the developments and challenges, and implement your feedback instantly to optimize further work. We are also flexible regarding communication channels and will use the one you prefer (Teams, Slack, WhatsApp, e-mail, phone).

We will make sure that the number of our team members working on your project is optimized to its size and scope, as well as to the required expertise.

The cost will depend on your project, and the fastest way you can get the estimate is by contacting us. After discussing with you your needs and expectations, we will provide you with a work plan and pricing.

If you are not sure how to go about your project, we can also start small. In fact, many collaborations with our existing customers started from what we call the minimum viable project. Get in touch with us if you'd be interested to learn more.

All our consultants are full-time staff members. With this arrangement, we assure commitment, stability and long-term vision for your projects.

Currently, we have 40+ professionals on our team. Learn more about our team

Yes, we will be happy to create a visual representation of the data. Our customers use such representations frequently to facilitate discussions with their stakeholders.