A robust and high-throughput pipeline for immune repertoire data analysis

KEYWORDS: Custom pipeline development | Immune repertoire | Antibodies | Immunology | Cloud 


Our customer needed a robust and high-throughput pipeline for immune repertoire data analysis in their cloud environment. The pipeline had to be: 

  • extremely efficient to enable processing of hundreds of millions of reads 
  • easily scalable  to accommodate the ever-increasing amount and diversity of data 
  • customized regarding processing options and visualizations 


To assure reproducible and scalable data analysis, our experts built the pipeline using the Snakemake workflow manager. By implementing approaches beyond those available publicly, the BISC team increased data analysis throughput and so enabled the efficient processing of enormous amounts of data sets. With the customized workflow that generates a report easily understandable by the customer, the pipeline is supporting the discovery of novel antibodies via biopanning, i.e., by analyzing the enrichment of specific clones across multiple rounds of binding. 


With the ability to discover more novel antibodies faster, our customer gained a competitive advantage in the field of antibody therapeutics discovery and development. 

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