Cloud deployment and integration of an optimised whole-exome pipeline for a university hospital

KEYWORDS: Microglia | Cloud | Custom pipeline development | WGS


A customer anticipated a significant increase in the number of whole genome sequencing and exome sequencing data and analyses in the next couple of months and years. In order for them to be able to handle this growth, an optimized analysis pipeline had to be built that utilized a high-performance cloud environment.


BISC Global built a new analysis pipeline for exome sequencing and whole genome sequencing data capable of handling hundreds to thousands of samples.

BISC Global also constructed a custom cloud environment containing following features:

  • Secured HPC EU Cloud compute
  • Virtual private subnets and NACLS
  • Data-life cycles
  • Direct data upload from sequencers
  • Versioning via shared Github


With the new analysis pipeline and cloud systems, the customer was ready for the expected growth through a pay-per-use setup via auto-scaling and 4x faster analysis speed achieved at lower costs.

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