Single Cell & Transcriptomics

Examples of our previous single-cell projects
What is Single-Cell Analysis?

Single-cell analysis in cellular biology is the analysis of transcriptome, (epi)genome, proteome, and/or metabolome at the single-cell level. The ensuing insights into tissue cell type diversity and dynamics have a great impact on, for example, disease diagnostics and prevention, and drug discovery. Single-cell transcriptomics, also known as scRNA-Seq, is the most mature of all single-cell analysis methods.

A huge amount of single-cell data is available publicly and you don’t need your own data to start a single-cell analysis project. Contact us if you want to learn more.

Examples of application fields and cell types in our projects
  • oncology (HCC, Uveal Melanoma, SCLS, SCC)
  • immuno-oncology (CD8-T/CD4-T cells subtypes, TSCM)
  • neuroscience (microglia, oligodendrocytes), Alzheimer’s disease
  • muscular degenerative diseases (muscle fiber cells)
  • and more!
Single-Cell Data Analysis Tools

Single Cell Browser

Our Single Cell Browser enables you to easily access and visualize your single-cell transcriptomics data sets

Online Pipeline Platform®

Using our Online Pipeline Platform® you can access and run NGS pipelines on your single cell transcriptomics data

Watch our introductory video to scRNA-seq analysis

With this video, you will:

  • get a detailed walkthrough of a standard single-cell analysis
  • gain an understanding of Quality controls for single-cell analysis
  • learn how to get the most out of your single-cell data through additional analysis methods (pseudotime, gene set enrichment analysis)
  • learn how to improve cell-type annotations

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