Key Challenges of Data-centric QSP and ML/AI

In this webinar, experts in data-centric Quantitative Systems Pharmacology (QSP) discuss the key challenges in the field.

0:00 – Introduction by John Conway

7:22 – Dr. Michael Monine from Biogen, talks about physiologically-based PK/PD approaches in neurology and a particular focus on intrathecally-administered therapies

46:58- Prof. Murali Ramanathan from the University at Buffalo, talks about Big-Data Enabled, Biomarker-Based, AI/ML Guided Quantitative Systems Pharmacology Models for Pharmacometrics

01:37:44 – Dr. Maxim Khotimchenko from VeriSIM Life Inc, talks about the use of AI-driven platform for the prediction of drug pharmacokinetics following transdermal administration

02:22:06 – Dr. Alexander Lukyanov from BISC Global, talks about AI/ML for Reverse Engineering: application to polypharmacology and deconvolution of signaling pathways.

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