New BISC team member – Antonin Weber

At the beginning of this year, we welcomed Antonin Weber to our team. He joined BISC Global in the role of Business Development Manager for Bioinformatics Software Solutions. 

Antonin has hands-on experience in transcriptomics data analysis as well as pipeline development. He is also about to get his master’s degree in bioinformatics (Université de Rennes 1, France) 

Thanks to his technical background, he understands our customers’ needs and can advise them as to which BISC software tool will best benefit the analysis of their biological data.  

Currently, Antonin is providing advice on our AWS management apps, Single Cell Browser, and the pipelines on Online Pipeline Platform OP2. As we will be launching more bioinformatics software tools in the coming months, he will be the point of contact for our customers regarding these new solutions.  

It’s great to have you on the team, Antonin! 

If you need reliable bioinformatics software to analyze your biological data efficiently, get in touch with us!