BISC Global Launches Online Pipeline Platform.
Ghent, Belgium/February, 2021. BISC Global, Over the past few years it has become much easier, faster and cheaper to generate a lot of data. This is especially true in the  field of next generation sequencing, where throughput has drastically increased and costs have rapidly decreased. Because of this, the bottleneck in research is steadily shifting from the wetlab to the drylab.BISC Global wants to enable researchers worldwide to easily analyze their data without much bioinformatics experience, without a compute environment. Therefore BISC Global has developed its Online Pipeline Platform - OP2
BISC’s Online Pipeline Platform is an online platform where researchers can access and run NGS pipelines on their data.

Benefits of BISC’s OP2:
-       Interpretation in addition to analysis
-       State-of-the-art NGS pipelines
-       Automated process
-       Get results in matter of minutes/hours
-       No bioinformatics experience required
-       No compute environment required

How to use BISC’s OP2:
-       Register and complete your profile information
-       Set up a new experiment
-       Upload your sample data
-       Enter your sample information
-       Check Out with paypal or wire transfer
-       Run your analysis
-       Receive the interpreted results
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About BISC Global
Founded in 2017, BISC Global has grown to be a Top 10 Bioinformatics Consulting and Services Firm supporting world’s leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Through our offices in Ghent, Belgium; Basel, Switzerland; Boston, MA; and San Francisco, CA; BISC Global provides data-analytics, custom tool/pipeline development, and cloud solutions delivered on-site or remotely. By leveraging our global workforce of expert consultants, we support analysis across multiple domains, including machine learning (data mining, pattern recognition, image analysis, (un)supervised learning, neural networks, deep learning, etc.), bioinformatics (single-cell transcriptomics, metabolomics, metagenomics, epigenomics, etc.), and statistics (experimental design, mathematic modelling, signal-to-noise enhancement, and independent data cross validation).

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