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Bioinformatics services of the highest standards

With the ever-expanding possibilities in next-generation Sequencing and high-throughput array technology, the correct analysis and integration of biological data is becoming a hurdle in many life science research projects. Our expertise in pipeline development and automatization, data integration and structural biology allow us to provide bioinformatics services of the highest standards.

Bioinformatics consulting
Offices in Boston, San Francisco, Belgium & Switzerland

Over the past years big data has become the norm in life science research, requiring researchers to alter the ways they analyze and visualize data.

Bioinformatics services for better data analysis

Bioinformatics uses computational approaches to help in the analysis and interpretation of biological data and is taking a more prominent role in a wide range of domains, especially for the analysis of next-generation sequencing data. In addition, in many other domains such as proteomics and metabolomics, bioinformatics has become an indispensable tool. By using existing packages and tools or by developing custom software, bioinformatics will help researchers make sense of their data and guide them towards the next steps in their projects.

Our bioinformatics services

Our consultants are highly skilled in data analysis, visualization and interpretation. Furthermore, our team is very experienced in developing custom analysis solutions in the areas of pipeline development, optimization, automation, etc. We apply the highest industry standards in information technology to your needs in computational biology.

Expert team in bioinformatics

The BISC Global consultants combine great expertise in bioinformatics with excellent communication and project management skills. In addition, during each project our consultants have the support of the entire BISC Global team and receive coaching from industry or academic experts. If desired, Our consultants work with our customers at their offices, which ensures a close collaboration and easier communication. Regular follow-up meetings between the customer, the consultant and the BISC Global managers and experts ensures total customer satisfaction.

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