Machine Learning for life sciences

Computer assisted analysis techniques have been pivotal instruments in modern life science research, and keep evolving at an increasing pace. Our experts operate at the interface of biology and information technology, and leverage this know-how in the domains of algorithm development, data mining, pattern recognition, image analysis, neural networks, deep learning and many more.

Machine learning for life sciences
Offices in Boston, San Francisco, Belgium & Switzerland

The opportunities and challenges provided by big data have made their entrance into life science and healthcare research. Machine learning is a sub-discipline in the broader field of artificial intelligence, with the core principle of the computer being encouraged to identify new relations and correlations within the dataset on its own, rather than pre-coding said relationships.

Using a training dataset, a machine learning algorithm identifies patterns based on which it can make one or more predictions. Next, mature models can be applied to real-world data. Underlying algorithms can take various forms, including decision trees, naïve Bayes classification, logistic regression, support vector machines, clustering algorithms, principal component analysis and many more.

Our approach

Our consultants are highly skilled in developing custom solutions in the areas of algorithm development, data mining, image processing, (un)supervised learning, pattern recognition, deep learning, neural network development and others. We apply the highest industry standards in information technology to your needs in Computational Biology.

The BISC Global consultants combine great expertise in Machine Learning with excellent communication and project management skills. In addition, during each project our consultants have the support of the entire BISC Global team and receive coaching from industry or academic experts. If desired, our consultants work with our customers at their offices, which ensures a close collaboration and easier communication. Regular follow-up meetings between the customer, the consultant and the BISC Global managers and experts ensures total customer satisfaction.

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