Maarten Braspenning, Founder & CEO

After having founded and run a wetlab service company for 8 years, it became pretty clear to me that the main challenges in life science research were shifting to data analysis instead of data generation. This triggered me to start BISC Global with the goal of building a bioinformatics, statistics and machine learning company that would one day become the global reference in its field. Every day we continue to grow BISC Global with this goal in mind. We strive to be a flexible and value-adding partner to every one of our customers in biotech, pharma and medtech.

Dan Ryder, Operations US


Most people who know me, will tell you that I am very passionate about bioinformatics and very excited to be in charge of operations at BISC Global USA. Before joining BISC Global, i spent more than 10 years in R&D - in the field of metabolism and oncology. During my postdoc years, i chose to dive deeper into bioinformatics where I could follow my passion of helping others in their pursuits of drug target and biomarker discovery. I later moved to Thomson Reuters, now Clarivate Analytics, to help Boston-based pharma clients find bioinformatics services.

It’s exciting to be a part of building a bioinformatics-based company like BISC. My current responsibilities include directing all US operations, alliance management, business development, and overseeing the US team of Bioinformatic Consultants.

Jan Ghyssaert, Head of Operations

After 10 years of multi-national experience at Thermo Fisher Scientific, I decided to join a young start up, BISC Global, because Bio-informatics is a field that has always fascinated me and because of the customer oriented business model.  

From the first programming lessons during my bio-engineering bachelor through 3 years of crystallography research and 10 years of genomics industry experience at Thermo Fisher Scientific, bio-informatics was always around the corner. Next, after finishing an executive MBA at a top European Business school Maarten presented me with the opportunity to grow a Belgian, Bioinformatics company from ‘start up’. I didn’t have to think twice and joined BISC global as a partner. My main effort is leading BISC Global towards market excellence and thought leadership with a customer first mindset while nurturing a supportive company culture.