Bernard KerckenaereLead Platform Engineer

Areas of expertise
  • Software engineer
  • Cloud engineer

Bernard is a software and cloud engineer specializing in Python, Django, Linux and AWS. He has developed his expertise over many years, working with these tools since their very early versions. He was also amongst the first users to test the EC2 of AWS before it was released to the public. 

Before joining BISC Global, Bernard worked in multiple companies in India, the United States and Belgium. He has been focusing on projects that enabled him to work at the intersection of infrastructure and backend programming. 

As the Lead Platform Engineer at BISC, Bernard is mostly developing cloud platforms, web services, frameworks and APIs for websites. Some great examples of his work are the AWS management and s3 apps and the Online Pipeline Platform OP²

In the projects for our customers, Bernard focuses on setting up and optimizing the infrastructure for pipelines. He always makes sure to identify what our customers really need and finds the most suitable and cost-efficient solutions. 

“I enjoy my work because I can do what I like – programming and staying on the technical side of things.” 

In his free time, Bernard travels with his family or works on his own technical projects, for example, building a board game table or refurbishing an old motorcycle.

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