Joseph CerraConsultant US

Areas of expertise
  • Transcriptomics
  • Single-cell analysis

Joseph graduated with his master’s degree in Bioinformatics from Northeastern University in Boston (Massachusetts, US). During his studies, he completed an internship at a small start-up helping create and improve an RNA-Seq pipeline with the company mission of creating personalized therapy reports for cancer patients using their transcriptomic profile. Later, he joined a large healthcare company as a Co-op and worked with more transcriptomic data and developed several R Shiny apps. These applications aided immunologists in finding potential biomarkers in patients with autoimmune diseases and even compared new deconvolution methods of cell populations to existing methods – comparing their performance.

Now at BISC, Joseph is mostly involved in transcriptomics, single-cell analysis, and spatial transcriptomic projects.

“Bioinformatics is a rapidly growing field. Being able to provide consultation to clients is rewarding when we highlight and strengthen the novelty of their IP in this field. That puts them on the path to grow and potentially discover new clinical therapeutics to meet the unmet needs of their patients.”

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