Lennart RamanSenior Consultant EU

Areas of expertise
  • (Epi)genomics
  • Transcriptomics
  • Biostatistics
  • Data visualization
  • Software development

Lennart obtained his PhD in Bioinformatics at the Gent University Hospital (Belgium). His research was focused on the cell-free DNA, the DNA fragments that circulate in the bloodstream and are used as biomarkers in non-invasive prenatal testing, but can potentially be applied also in cancer diagnostics. Lennart performed these bioinformatics projects at two laboratories, one focused on pathology and the other one specialized in human genetics, where he ultimately first-authored five publications.

“What I like the most about my work in bioinformatics is that it is not static – you constantly have to learn about various concepts in biology so that you can find the best ways to apply your knowledge of computational techniques in complex biological problems.”

When not at work, Lennart enjoys going out and simply having some good food.

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