Sjoert JansenBusiness Manager EU

Areas of expertise
  • Genomics
  • Transcriptomics
  • Proteomics
  • Epigenomics
  • Bioinformatics
  • Immunology
  • Haematology
  • Microfluidics
  • Microscopy
  • Flow cytometry
  • Business development

Sjoert studied Biomedical Sciences and Molecular Biology at the University of Amsterdam (The Netherlands). He filled his study time with extra internships and teaching activities, gaining knowledge and hands-on experience in genetics, microfluidics, microscopy, and immunology. In his PhD in Haematology at the University of Cambridge (UK), he applied among others Next Generation Sequencing (RNA-seq, Ribo-Seq) bioinformatics analysis and a newly developed method based on ribosomal profiling, and as part of the BRIDGE consortium collaborated on the 100K genomes project. Back in the Netherlands, he continued with research on proteomics at the Dutch blood bank. He transferred into industry focusing on business development in life sciences. Whilst working for one of the largest NGS providers worldwide, he noticed that his customers frequently lacked the means to handle the data they received, or they had no capacity to fully utilize them. This motivated him to join the BISC Global team and help our customers eliminate these bottlenecks.

As a business manager at BISC Global, Sjoert works with our prospective and existing customers on finding optimal ways to answer their biological questions using available data. In this role, he combines his experience in various omics disciplines and lab techniques with his understanding of why certain data is needed and how it has to be processed to deliver desired results.

“I really enjoy having discussions with our customers about their scientific work, learning what they want to achieve with it and figuring out how we can help solve the challenges ahead of them. Whether it is a drug target discovery or automating pipelines for analysis of patients’ data, our solutions become integral part of what our customers achieve.”

Sjoert is an enthusiast of tropical aquaria.

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