Young Won (Jamie) KimConsultant US

Areas of expertise
  • Genomics
  • Machine Learning
  • Cancer research
  • Alzheimer’s disease research
  • Protein Engineering
  • Bioinformatics
  • Immune repertoire
  • Pipeline Development

Jamie holds a PhD in genomics from the Baylor College of Medicine (Houston, Texas, US). In one of her research projects, she developed algorithms to identify genetic variations that modify the APOE-based risk of getting Alzheimer’s disease. She applied machine learning to build a risk prediction model, and many of the genetic variations she found were validated in vivo. In another project, Jamie developed algorithms to analyze TCGA data, focusing on germline variants and investigating how they work with somatic mutations to drive cancer.


As a Bioinformatics Consultant within our US West Coast team, Jamie is applying her expertise in bioinformatics and machine learning to various projects, such as the prediction of protein functions based on their sequences. She has been also involved in pipeline development for immune repertoire analysis.


“I enjoy working on projects that make me think outside the box. When I’m facing a problem and there is no immediate, obvious solution, I need to come up with clever ways to approach and solve that problem. These mentally stimulating challenges plus the ability to advance the fascinating fields of biotech and medicine is what really excites me in my work.”


In her free time, Jamie is a passionate video game player.

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